Bookish Pet Peeves


There are so many wonderful things I love about books but like with anything there’s also some things about them that frustrate me here’s a list of bookish things that peeve me.

Stickers On Books

Why is this a thing? Whats even worse is when it looks like a sticker but isn’t actuality a sticker and it covers up part of the cover

Love Triangles

These can be good if there done right but most of the time there unnecessary and unrealistic and they’re in every YA book

When My Books Don’t Match

I hate it when they change the covers half way through a series at least wait in till the series is over it’s even worse when the new covers are uglier than the original ones it also annoys me when they make half the series in hardcover than switch to paperback.

Overly Descriptive

I don’t want to read 50 pages describing the forest or 100 pages describing the love interests eyes like I get it he has pretty eyes I don’t need a supper detailed description of his pretty eyes.

Comparing Books To Other Books

Its become very popular to compare every new book to the Hunger Games or Twilight and I don’t like it I don’t want to know what books it’s similar to I want to know what makes it unique.



2 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. I absolutely hate all of these things! I made a post about book sizes and covers not matching a while back on tumblr and it had a huge response, so it’s not just us that feels this way! Why do publishers like to make our bookshelves look a mess? It’s a mystery to me.


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