YA adaptatoins that should exist 


so many YA books are getting turned into movies and shows lately but some of my favorites haven’t yet been adapted.  All the YA books that have been adapted lately are ether dystopian or sad contemporary’s I want to see a wider range of YA  adaptations there so many cute YA books that would make great chick flicks and there’s some YA fantasy with epic battles that would look amazing on screen. Here is a list of some YA books that I think would make amazing adaptations if done right.

1.  Anna and the French Kiss

All of Stephanie Perkins’s books would make adorable movies.

2. An Ember in the Ashes

This would be amazing as long as they didn’t white wash it.

3. Eleanor and Park

A Fangirl movie would also be splendid.

4. Throne of Glass

This has been optioned for a TV show but I don’t know yet if it will actually happen.

5. The Heroes of Olympus

This series would make a really fun animated TV show.

6. The Raven Cycle

I really want this to be a Netflix original series it would be perfect.

What YA books do you think should be turned into movies or shows?



7 thoughts on “YA adaptatoins that should exist 

  1. I would definitely watch Eleanor and Park, that would be a very adorable movie! I have conflicted feelings towards Stephanie Perkins’ books though, I really do want it to have movie adaptations but I’m scared that I might not like movie Cricket that much lol. I love him so much book form and I just don’t want to possibly ruin the series/book because of the movie.


  2. I do think that The Heroes of Olympus should indeed be movies, they just can’t have the same guy directing them as the one who directed the Percy Jackson movies. These books are great, and there’s lots of potential for them to be amazing movies.


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