Books I’ve changed my opinion on

Top five Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainy and hosted by Thoughts on Tomes you can find more information on the goodreads group. This weeks prompt is five books you feel differently about after you’ve had time to think about them or reread them.

1. The Infernal Devices

I enjoyed this but I had some problems with it mainly the fact that Will is so similar to Jace I decided to reread them last year and I found that I liked them a lot more the second time and that I like this trilogy a lot more then The Mortal Instruments. It’s probably the only book with a love triangle that I actually love.

2. Divergent by Veronica Roth

After I read Allegiant my opinion for the whole series decreased I’ll keep this spoiler free as always. I’m not mad about the thing a lot of fans are mad about I actually liked that part of Allegiant I am mad that all of the answers that I’d been waiting since book one for were extremely unsatisfying. Despite all the flaws in this series I still have and will always have a lot of love for it and I am very excited for November when I’ll meet Veronica at yallfest.

3. Dorthy Must Die


A few months after reading this the third book came out and a lot of people where talking about it and I realized that I had no interest in continuing the series mostly because the ending was very unsatisfying none of the story lines got resolved and I didn’t see how you could stretch the story out for two more books. I  changed my rating from four stars to three.

4. Vampire Academy by Rachel Mead


As I was scrolling through goodreads today I realized that I’d only given this three stars when really it deserves four I gave the rest of the books four stars I don’t really remember why I didn’t give the first one the same rating I suppose my love for the series has grown since I first read it almost three years ago.

5. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon


When I first read Everything Everything I really liked it but I didn’t like the ending I felt like it wrapped things up too perfectly but a few days after finishing it I found that I kept thinking about how good it was and that maybe the ending wasn’t really that bad. I really want to reread it and see if I still don’t like the ending.

This was my first top five Wednesday I had a lot of fun doing it. Let me know in the comments what books were on your list this week.




2 thoughts on “Books I’ve changed my opinion on

  1. I looooove Will so shamelessly, but I see your problem with the similarity to Jace. But really, I think he’s much better! And I agree with your view on Everything Everything, my opinion on that changes almost every day!! What do you feel about Olly?


    1. Will is definitely better then Jace I actually really loved Will when I was retreading the series I like pretty much everything about TID better then TMI. I like Olly he’s supper sweet but I don’t actually remember him very well.

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