Five authors who I’m waiting for books from

Top five Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainy and hosted by Thoughts on Tomes you can find more information on the goodreads group. This weeks prompt is top five authors who you want to write another book but haven’t yet. Or they are writing something, but no title or synopsis has been released and it isn’t coming out until 2018. 

1. Kiera Cass

I love Kiera’s writing she doesn’t currently have any book coming out but she has said that she’s working on a book and she’s been posting progress updates on her Instagram. She hasn’t yet said anything about what it will be about I’m sure I’ll adore whatever it ends up being, or rather whatever  book she ends up publishing.

2. Shannon Hale

I’m specifically waiting for the Captain Marvel YA novel she’s writing it sadly doesn’t have a release date, I’m hoping that it will come out in the fall of next year. She’s also writing a Squirrel Girl novel that is supposed to come out on February 7th which is only a few days before my birthday! I’m really excited about it and I will definitely be asking for it for my birthday.

3. Lexa Hillyer


I’ve never read anything by Lexa before but I’m really excited for Spindle Fire mostly because the cover is magnificent also I love fairytale retellings. It’s a Sleeping beauty retaling about half sisters, I’m hoping for very little romance and for it to focus on the relationship between the sisters.

4. Sarah J Mass

I’m extremely excited about the Cat woman book she’s writing it’s not scheduled to come out until 2018 I’m sure it will be worth the wait. I have yet to read A Sarah J Mass book I didn’t love she’s a phenomenal writer.

5. Maggie Stiefvater

She posted on her Twitter that she was thinking about writing a companion novel to The Scorpio Races I really hope she does this but I would be excited about any book she decides to write. I just hope that I won’t have to wait forever for a new book from her.

Let me know in the comments what’s on your list this week?

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