Is there such a thing as too much extra content?

Recently publishers have been milking series for all there worth by having tons of extra content like coloring books, novellas and special editions with bonus content. While I always want more content in my favorite series and I used to love these special editions I think it’s beginning to get out of hand, it gets to a point were there’s to much extra content.

I missed out on getting the Barns and Noble exclusive edition of The Heir because I didn’t know it existed until I had already preordered it from Amazon so know I do my research. When I went to preorder The Crown I found out there were two different special editions one with a bonus epilogue and a poster the other with fan art. I love books with pretty end pages but I decided to get the one with the bonus epilogue and I’m glad I did because it added to the story but why couldn’t it have had the epilogue and the fan art in one book I could have gone without the poster. I don’t want to spend money on two different editions of the same book.

I’ve encountered the same problem with Empire of Storms only this time it’s worse because there’s three different editions and they all have a completely different short story. There’s the one from Target which has a poster, the one from Barns and Noble which has fan art and, finally the one from WHSmith UK which doesn’t have any other extra content other than the short story. I’m most likely going to get the one from Barns and Noble because I want the fan art.

I understand that publishes want to make money but having three different special editions is completely ridiculous. I’m not even very excited for the short stories because I’m so annoyed by how many editions there are, and since I know nothing about what the short stories are about I can’t buy the one I think I’ll like most. I think there should have been two special editions one for the US and one for the UK.

What do you think of bonus content? Do you agree with me or do you like having extra content?

7 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as too much extra content?

  1. I’m not very interested in purchasing extra content with my books. I’d much rather just receive the story. Posters and collectibles have never really been a hobby of mine, so any extra fan art or dialogue found online would suffice for me. I’m certainly not happy about the extra costs publisher’s decisions infringe upon us.


    1. The exclusive editions I was talking about are the same price as the regular book so if I’m going to buy the book anyway then I might as well get the special edition but it’s normally something I could go without. In this case Throne of Glass is my favorite series so I really want to extra content.


  2. I’ll be honest, I’ve NEVER been interested in any of the extra content books come out with but I have seen the media flooded with adult coloring books, etc. I personally, thinks it’s SUEPR cool but maybe there is such a thing as “too much” hm…

    Great post, love! ❤

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    1. Aww thanks. I definitely agree that about there being too much extra stuff and it’s making me care less about the extra content then I used to. I think the coloring book thing is the best although sometimes the coloring books are a little pricey.


  3. Living in Sweden, I dislike it. I’m never able to get the special editions, so I’m kind of missing out on things. On the other hand, I’m saved the trouble of deciding which edition to buy, I’ll take the one that’s on BookDepositoy.

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    1. It would be frustrating to not be able to get them at all. People sometimes post pictures of the extra scenes online, so if there was something you missed out on you might be able to find it. Although it would still not be the same as owning it.


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