Why do people rate books they haven’t read?

When you go to a goodreads page for an unreleased book there is almost always ratings and reviews, I’m not talking about people who read an arc I’m talking about people who rate books they haven’t read. Sometimes the book doesn’t even have a title there’s a untitled John Green book that has 483 ratings I don’t get why so many people would rate a book they know nothing about. It’s always a five star or one star review, the five star reviews kinda makes since I understand that if it’s your favorite author you might want to make a review saying your exited for the book but I you can’t know for sure that your going to like a book until you actually read it.

There have been plenty of times were I was sure I was going to love a book and then ended up giving it only 2 stars or not even finishing it you can never know with complete certainty that your going to like something. Even though I don’t entirely understand people who give books they haven’t read five stars it annoys me a lot less then people who do the opposite. Every time I go to a popular authors page for there upcoming book there’s always people who say they will never read that book and often say very mean things about the author and fans and it really frustrates me.

It doesn’t matter if you hate that book you never insult the author or the fans, not liking the book doesn’t mean that you don’t like the person who wrote it it’s ridiculous to think it does. Another thing with rating a book before you’ve read it is that it messes up the rating it it makes the rating inaccurate, and it often makes the rating be seen as lower then it should be. I think goodreads should make it so you can’t rate a book until a month or so before it comes out this way people who get a arc can still review it and we wouldn’t have as many people rating books  they haven’t read and insulting authors I know people would still do it but it wouldn’t happen quite as often.

Does this aggravate you as well, or do you not care?

5 thoughts on “Why do people rate books they haven’t read?

  1. I don’t understand why people rate books they haven’t read. Sometimes they’re excited for a book and want to show it, but I think you can do that in other ways that are more honest–how can you know you’re really going to like the book even if you like the author? I assume the people who just don’t like an author are hoping to influence the overall rating, but it seems unlikely a few ratings would make that much of a difference. And I always read the reasoning behind low ratings so if they can’t give concrete textual examples I’m not going to take a two-star review very seriously.

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    1. I completely agree. You can leave a review without rating the book so if it’s your favorite author then you can say your excited about it without rating it. I agree about the low ratings too honestly a lot of goodreads reviews can’t give concrete examples.


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