Inaccurate book Covers

Top five Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainy and hosted by Thoughts on Tomes you can find more information on the goodreads group. This weeks prompt is inaccurate book covers, covers that don’t have anything to do with the story.

I judge books by the covers all the time so most of the books I read have pretty covers and I only have three books this weeks that fit the prompt. All of my choices are all covers I think are misleading and make you think the book is something it’s not. As I was writing this I realized I should really stop judging books on the cover I’m probably missing out on a lot of good books.

The Winners Trilogy


I don’t hate these covers but the original are so much better and these covers are misleading they make the book look like Kestrel is a warrior when in reality she’s not good at fighting Kestrel is a strategist she’s very clever and that’s how she saves the day not by fighting. She’s one of my favorite heroines and there definitely needs to be more female characters who don’t fight but are still strong and fantastic in other ways.

Anna and the French Kiss


This is the only time I’ve ever welcomed a cover change in the middle of a series I might have read theses books a lot sooner if they’d had the pretty covers to begin with. I had seen this at the bookstore several times but I judged it on the cover and didn’t read it until I joined tumbr and saw everyone talking about the series.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone


These covers are awful well the first one is the others are okay but if this series wasn’t as popular as it is I would never have read it. I really like the British covers and think they are more accurate to the books and much more aesthetically pleasing.

What’s on your top five Wednesday list this week?


12 thoughts on “Inaccurate book Covers

      1. I use Canva too! I had no idea Playlist Script was that pretty font! I’ve seen it on there and passed it up. Thank you!!


  1. Wow, I’ve never seen those covers for the winners trilogy before and you’re completely right, they just give the wrong idea! btw, what did you think about them? I’ve been thinking about buying them … :/

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