Should you post reviews for books you don’t finish?

There is so many books in the world it’s a little overwhelming sometimes and with so many amazing books out there I don’t want to waste time reading bad ones, or even books that are just okay. I almost never read a book without reading a review first I want to know if I’ll like it of course you can never know for sure but if a blogger I trust gives a book a good review it jumps to the top of my TBR.

I always give a book at least fifty pages to grab my attention if it doesn’t then I stop reading it. This year my average rating has been four stars and the reason is I DNF (did not finish) books more often, I used to hardly ever do it I also used to read more books I didn’t like. I know some people don’t like not finishing things because they just have to know how it ends but I like it because if I don’t like the first fifty pages then I’m probably not going to like the rest of the book.

There is one exception to not finishing books and that is arcs if you requested a arc then you owe it to the publisher or author who sent it to you to finish it and review it. If you didn’t ask for the arc but are on the publishers mailing list then it’s okay to DNF the book but I think you should consider hosting a giveaway there’s probably lots of bloggers who want it and who might like it more than you. Arcs are very limited and there for the purpose of promoting a book and a giveaway can do that just as well or maybe better then I review.

There’s been some debate about whether or not you should post reviews for books you DNF, I think it’s fine as long as you say you didn’t finished it and maybe even say how far you got. If you didn’t finish a book then I think it’s a pretty good indicator that you didn’t like it, I normally still give the book two stars instead of one because there could be some other things about it that I might have liked. I’ve never posted a DNF review because I just don’t feel like I have enough things to talk about, I probably only read about half the book or less and for me that’s not enough content to write a full review on.

Do you DNF books? Have you ever posted a DNF review, or do you think you shouldn’t post reviews for books you don’t finish?


14 thoughts on “Should you post reviews for books you don’t finish?

  1. I have not so far. I try to trudge through every book I pick up, especially if it is to review. I am currently reading one that I find so drawn out and overly descriptive on inconsequential details, but I am adamant I will finish. Usually, I start skimming through and not read every word, so I go through it faster.

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    1. I skim books occasionally too usually when there really long and boring or like you said when there overly descriptive that’s always annoying to me. I used finish every book I read but I have less time to read so I only want to read books I really like.

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  2. I actually try to finish every book I read! I only started DNF-ing books this year, and I’ve DNF-ed two so far, but I really try to insist because I don’t like to leave books like that. I can’t explain the feeling, I just feel bad 😂😂 However, if the book really gets on my nerves then I’ll eventually stop reading it.

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  3. I also try to finish every book I read but it’s really hard sometimes and I end up giving really scathing reviews–I think it’s okay to review a DNF as well because you can use that to talk about how the author needs to work on intros, since that is of course important to hooking in all readers!

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  4. Great discussion! I’m a notorious DNF-er, I DNF books all the time because just like you said, I don’t want to spend my time on bad books where there are a lot of better books out there. I personally never post a DNF review, but I don’t mind people posting ones as long as they state it was a DNF. I mean, DNF review is informative, it shows that the book fails to maintain the reader’s interest 🙂 anyway, I totally adore your idea of doing a giveaway for books I DNF! That would be a win win solution ❤

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  5. I don’t really understand why people think you can’t talk about why you didn’t finish the book. We do that in person, right? Say, “I started this book but it disappointed me for these reasons, so I stopped.” As long as you’re clear you didn’t finish the book, I don’t see what the problem is.

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  6. I’ve started DNF’ing this year because I’ve received a few (bad) books (I’m talking books with grammar mistakes or just awful writing) that were just a pain for my eyes. I personally write reviews and even rate them, even if I didn’t get too far. I think it’s more than fair, especially in the case of bad writing, because it’s not going to get better even if I keep reading.
    What I typically don’t do is DNF’ing a book because it’s a bit slow and I can’t get into it. I never start more than one book at the same time, so if it’s good and the only problem is that it’s a bit slow, I will finish it before starting anything else.

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