Realizing your fave is problematic / Analyzing The Mortal Instruments

This post was inspired by Crit your faves a amazing blog event created by Read at Midnight that encourages you to acknowledge the problematic aspects in your favorite books and look at them through a more critical lens. This is no way means you have to stop loving these books, just acknowledge harmful tropes or themes they may have.

I missed the sign up but it gave me an idea so I figured I’d still go ahead and post about my problematic fave. You should definitely go check out all the posts from this cool event there’s a lot of good ones.

my-problimatic-gaveThe Mortal Instruments is one of the most addicting series I’ve ever read I flew through the first three books and loved them then I read the fourth book and I didn’t really like it I think the series should have ended with City of Glass.

I didn’t notice most of the problematic aspects when I first read it but I was thinking about it recently and there’s a lot of problematic things, a few harmful and all to common tropes. Although there are still plenty of good things about the series as well.


The mean girl trope. Izzy didn’t like Clary and I don’t remember if it’s ever explained I think it was literally just there for drama and that’s stupid. I would have loved for the books to focus more on Izzy and Clary’s relationship but sadly they hardly have any moments together.

Jace is a jerk. I remember him saying a lot of mean things to everyone, okay I could be a little wrong on this I’m not sure if he said anything mean to Clary but I know he insulted Simon and Simon is my favorite. I remember not liking Jace and wanting to slap him. I get annoyed with the whole if a boy is mean to you it means he likes you thing it’s all to common in YA like I said I don’t think that’s exactly the case here but why would you want to date someone who’s a jerk to your best friend.

They thought they were related. This really grosses me out I knew they weren’t related but they didn’t know that, and yet they still kissed even though they thought they were kissing their sibling. And almost all Clary thought about was how much she loved Jace and how hot he was. Honestly Clace is so problematic, for one thing they don’t have a lot of meaningful conversations they spend most of their time kissing or thinking about kissing. This is especially problematic considering they thought they were related for a book and a half.

Clary forgets about her mom. In the beginning of the book Clary’s main goal is saving her mom but she quickly stars caring more about Jace than her mom. And when she does save her mom she yells at her when I first read it I understand her anger but while I still get why she’s mad at her mom I personally would hug my mom whom I hadn’t seen in months. I would talk to her not yell at her her, Clary and mom are supposed to have this amazing relationship but the books don’t spend a lot of time showing you that.

Despite all of those things I did enjoy the writing, loved the humor and liked the majority of the characters my problems mostly with clace and the lack of female dynamics I enjoyed most everything else. I’m also a big fan of the TV show partly because it deviates from the book they cut out the mean girl trope and Clary hugs her mom instead of yelling at her.

What are your problematic faves? What do you think of this series, and it’s TV show?


9 thoughts on “Realizing your fave is problematic / Analyzing The Mortal Instruments

  1. That’s very interesting. I haven’t read this series yet, but this post got me thinking about the problems in some of my favorite series. I just wish more people could think critically about the books they love, but sadly many are irrational about their love for a book/series/author.

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  2. I think with Isabelle she was just a little jealous about not being the only girl/having Jace and her brother pay so much attention to Clary–Jace because he loved her, and Alec because he loved Jace. Plus I think a small part of it was that she worked so hard to be taken seriously and be a great fighter and Clary was always having to be protected. So Izzy didn’t like Clary being useless and then also making people she cared so much about put their lives on the line for her.


  3. I completely agree with you! TMI was/still is one of my favorite series, and I didn’t care much about any problems back when I first read it, but ever since I joined the book community I’ve been thinking more about the bad reviews it gets. I never particularly liked Jace, but Clary was fine. I always loved Izzy and Simon, tho. Great post! 😀

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