October wrap up

This is my first time doing a wrap up I didn’t really want to do wrap ups before because I don’t read that many books per month and I review most of them so I thought it would be kinda boring. I looked at other bloggers wrap ups and I found a few things to hopefully make this a little more fun.

P.S I Still Love by Jenny Han

  • Adorable but not as much as the first one. 3/5 stars
  • Review

Empire of Storms

  • So epic! I’m sad there’s only one more book. 5/5 stars

Crooked Kingdom

  • Definitely the best book of the year. 5/5 stars
  • Review 

I I didn’t read very much thanks to Crooked Kingdom, after reading it I haven’t wanted to read anything I don’t actually mode reading slumps it means it was a good book. I have been waiting to read something all weekend but no books have stood out to me. I tried reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth but I only got a few pages in when the most cliche love triangle started. Now I don’t know what I’m going to read next.


Top five Wednesday


It’s been a good month for blogging I’m so happy with how well this blog is doing. I’m greatfull for everyone who likes and comments on my posts, your all awesome.

Around the web


  • I’m going on vacation I’ll be gone most of November so expect less posts from me I’ll probably only be able to post once a week.
  • I convinced my little brother to read Six of Crows and he likes it so far, he doesn’t read often so getting him to read anything is a challenge. I’m always happy when I convince someone to read a book.
  • I got a kitten! (Actually my little brother did) he’s adorable and very fluffy we decided to name him Fuzzmuffin. I’ll be posting photos of the cutie on my bookstagram soon.

Well that’s about it Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it. What are your Halloween plans? I’m planning on watching The Nightmare Before Christmas with my brother it’s a tradition and of course eating lots of sweets.


2 thoughts on “October wrap up

  1. Congrats on your new kitten! Looking forward to seeing it on Instagram. After seeing you rave about Crooked Kingdom here and on Goodreads, I really want to get my hands on Six of Crows ASAP. Hope you have a good time on vacation! 😀

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