Yallfest was fantastic

I got to go to my very first book event and I picked a great one to go to I had a blast. My plans didn’t quite work out and I ended up not getting to meet Renee Ahdieh or go to the Kiera Cass craft event I am a little disappointed but for the most part it was fun. So fun that I’m already thinking about trying to go next year. 

I got to Charleston late Wednesday so we didn’t do much just ate and walked around. Thursday was spent exploring Charleston I loved it there it’s a lovely city and I didn’t want to leave. On Friday we saw the Angel oak it’s a massive beautiful tree. Then Saturday was Yallfest! Well it was on Friday too but I skipped it to. So now I’ll walk you guys through what I did on Saturday I didn’t go to any panels none of them looked that interesting to me so I’ll just talk about the four authors I met. 

1. Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass was very nice it was lovely to get to meet one of my favorite authors. Eadlyn is very important and I finally got to tell Kiera about how I named my cat after Eadlyn.

2. Nicola Yoon I really liked Everything, Everything but I decided to buy The Sun Is Also a Star to get signed because of the stunning cover and I just wanted to read it but mostly for the cover. She was sweet literally everyone I met was very nice from authors to volunteers to people I talked to in line. 

3. Leigh Bardugo

I had to wait almost three hours to meet Leigh Bardugo I was scared I wouldn’t get to meet her because when I got there 30 minutes before she was supposed to start signing the line was really long. But they cut the line and said everyone in line was getting their books signed. It’s so kind of Leigh to sign so long I’m glad it worked out and I got my favorite book of 2016 signed plus she gave me the last Wonder Woman slap bracelet and now I’m even more excited for her Wonder Woman YA book.

4. Gwenda Bond

After Leigh Bardugo I headed over to Gwenda Bond I was just in time she was literally picking up her purse when I walked in. I got Lois Lane signed I also bought Girl Over Paris it was already signed and I know I could have got it personalized but I was to tired to think about it. I also forgot to ask for a photo. I’ve already read Girl Over Paris on the way home so you can expect a review soon. 

Free stuff!

I also got a tom of swag the booths had a lot of cool things I was expecting the pins and book marks but I wasn’t expecting nail stickers or bubbles. My two favorite things I got are the Fierce Reads coloring book and the dregs tattoo that me and my brother are fighting over, they only had one left. I also got me first arc! It’s called Hearts and other Body Parts my mom grabbed it for me, sadly I’m not sure I’ll like it but I’m going to try it, it could be enjoyable. 

 I know I should have put photos of my swag in this post but I have been to tired to take any so if you want to see photos of my signed books and other things I got you can follow me on twitter or instagram. I’m feeling to lazy to even make a graphic for this but I wanted to write this while everything was fresh in my minds and I knew I would forget to post this if I waited. 

Do you go to Yallfest? If so tell me about your trip! 

Have you met an author before?


3 thoughts on “Yallfest was fantastic

  1. WHY DO I HAVE TO LIVE IN A PLACE WHERE NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS?? I mean, we have Comic Con, and sometimes authors come here because of their book tours (at least Cassandra Clare and Brandon Sanderson did, but it was in Lisbon, so I couldn’t go – also, Cassandra Clare visited Portugal way before I knew about her books) but still, this is such a great event! The worst part must be that you have to choose some authors because you don’t have time to visit them all 😦
    Glad you had fun! They all look very nice ❤

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