Five fantastic magical creatures 

The much anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out today! And even though I’m not going to see it I thought I’d celebrate the release anyway. (Plus it’s my sixth month blogging anniversary!) I figured a good way to celebrate a movie about magical creatures would be to talk about the magical creatures whom I think are the most fantastic.

1. Dragon

You can’t have a list of mythological creatures and not include dragons, I think most everyone can agree that there awesome. I can’t think of dragons without thinking of How to Train Your Dragon Toothless is adorable, and those movies are so good I can’t wait for the third one.

If you’re looking for a good book about dragons I highly recommend Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. I actually have a review if you care to read it but basically it’s good and creative. 

2. Fairy

Perhaps my favorite mythical creature sadly I haven’t read a amazing book about them. I adored fairys so much when I was little I even had a book about them I actually still have it I would tell my dad about the fairy world I’d created inside my head. I still think about the fairy story I made up I thought about writing it but I’m not a good writing, but maybe I will one day but it would be a lot more bloody then the story little me came up with it. Come to think of it The Book Fairy would have been a much cuter name then Codn Reviews Books.

3. Mermaid

I haven’t actually read any books about mermaids I know they exist but none of them really look good to me they all seem a bit cliche, maybe I’ll give one of them a chance do you know a good mermaid book? But I have seen them in a lot of movies and I clearly love them.

4. Pegasus

Pegasus by Robin McKinley is one of my favorite books, about a girl and her Pegasus who is bonded to her I love the world I think it was done so well. It made me love Pegasus I already liked them but now I like them more because the book is important to me plus there just cool and pretty.

5. Pukwudgie

I had to include Pukwudgie since that’s my Ilvermorny house I do identify more with my Hogwarts house Hufflpuff but I am American so technically I would go to Ilvermorny and be a Pukwudgie. I loved the story about the founding of Ilvermorny and William the Pukwudgie had a lot to do with it and Pukwudgie’s seem like their pretty great, I liked William at least.

dividerpngI really want to learn about more kinds of mythical creatures while making this list I realized that while I love them I really don’t know of that many, maybe Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them will broaden my knowledge of magical creatures.  I mean I know about all the ones everyone knows of but I want to know about more ubscure creatures I love how the Ilvermorny houses are named after creatures I’d never hear of before. dividerpng

What do you think the most fantastic magical creatures are? Do you agree with my list?


8 thoughts on “Five fantastic magical creatures 

  1. For fairy books, I highly recommend the Tithe series by Holly Black, and the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. When you mentioned mermaids I realized yet again that I don’t think I’ve ever really read a mermaid book haha (I went on a hunt for some before). I found two a while back that I added to my wishlist because they sounded interesting although I haven’t read them yet: Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly, and Of Poseidon by Anna Banks.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions I’ll check them out. I have heard of Tithe but my sister didn’t like it and we tend to have similar reading taste. Although I like Holly Black’s other books but I think I might try A Darker Part of the Forest instead since I think it’s also about fairies

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  2. Happy blogging anniversary! ❤
    I'm going to watch FB tomorrow night and I'm so excited 😀

    Sorry, I don't really know any mermaid book (I really want to read them too :P) but I've heard great things about "Of Poseidon" by Anna Banks – it's on my wishlist, maybe you'd like to check it out 🙂

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