November wrap up

November was crazy for me it was fun but busy I didn’t have much time for reading or blogging because of that this will be a short post. I didn’t even have much time to read other blogs so if you tagged me in anything tell me in the comments.


Girl Over Paris

  • Beautiful art and fun story. 4/5 stars

A Thousand Pieces of You 

  • Imaginative well written and fun. 4/5 stars
  • Review

This was not a very good month for reading at least I’m still on track with my reading goal I have one book to go but it looks like I won’t surpass it like I thought. I liked both the things I read equally they were both delightful reads.


Tags & awards


This month has also been a bad one for blogging I just haven’t had the time. I don’t expect next month to be much better I’m not going to post at all Christmas week I want tp spend that time with my family and not be thinking about this blog. But the problem is that I’m in a blogging slump I have so many ideas but when I try to write them I find I don’t know what to say if I force myself to write I end pu hating so for now I’m stuck.



  • I went to New York it was cool I saw Aladdin and it was a little disappointing but overall it was a good trip.
  • I went to see Moana I loved it and now I’m listing to he soundtrack non stop
  • It’s Christmas time! This is my favorite holiday there’s yummy food and of course presents. My favorite thing about this time of year is how everyone is jolly most people are excited and friendly all the kindness that it brings out is what makes Christmas special.

I’m not doing the around the web section this time I haven’t read many posts or seen any cool announcements. I hope those of you who celebrate it had a great thanksgiving and that you have a wonderful Christmas.


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