Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life discussion 

It’s impossible to keep this completely spoiler free I will warn you before the spoilers star I would also avoid reading the comments if you haven’t watched it. FYI this is going to be very long.

Spoiler free

Me and Mom were so excited when the Gilmore Girls revival was announced when it came out we got us some doughnuts and coffee and sat down to return to the beloved town of Stars Hollow. We loved all the pop culture references, witty dialogue and everything involving Emily but the pace was slow and we’re disappointed by Rory mostly the fact that she treats her boyfriend awfully. I loved that we got more story and finally know those last four words I just don’t like the decisions Rory made.

The rest of this contains major spoilers

The first episode was good it got most of the cameos out of the way, cameos are fun and all but they don’t do much to advance the plot. The joke about Paul being forgettable was really funny by the second episode it had already begun to get ridiculous Rory wasn’t a good girlfriend and that surprised me. I wouldn’t have thought that Rory would ever treat someone that badly I also thought she would have been a better journalist she should have been more prepared for that interview.

I at least was happy with half of Rory’s ending I think it’s great that she’s writing a book I think her being pregnant is good I like the idea of history repeating itself. But I want to know who (if anyone) she ends up with I think based of her conversation with her dad that she’s not going to tell Logan she’s pregnant but I would like to know for sure. I would also very much like to know what happens between her and Jess our they destined to be like Lorelei and Luke and take forever to get together? Our they just going to stay friends? I have more questions then answers.

I loved Emily her ending was the most satisfying the part where she quit the DAR was completely amazing as was most of her scenes. I also loved Paris I love being a boss both literally and figuratively. As far as Lorelei goes her story was mostly gone that scene where she told her Mom the story of her and her dad was so sad and Lauren Graham’s acting was so good. I’m so glad her and Luke are finally married it’s ridiculous that it took them so long, the pacing was so slow there was some unnecessary scenes like the musical. I clearly have many quibbles there was some good things but right now I’m  feeling very disappointed.

Do you agree with me, or did you enjoy it more then me? What are your favorite and least favorite parts?


2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life discussion 

  1. Oh my god I totally agree with everything you mentioned! The Paul thing was funny in the first episode but got a bit tiring later on. Rory was a TERRIBLE girlfriend! And Logan was a terrible fiancée. The scene in the end when he came all the way to Stars Hollow for her was really sweet and I kind of expected him to say that he wants to be with her but that didn’t happen. I’m curious about Jess too. I think it’ll be a Lorelai-Luke situation again. Speaking of, how could they not invite Emily to their impromptu wedding?!
    I think my favourite part of the show was everyone’s cameos and just seeing Stars Hollow be the weird town that it is 😉

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    1. For some reason I didn’t even think about Emily not being at their wedding but that is kinda odd it’s also weird that Jess wasn’t there. I definitely thought Rory was gonna end up with Logan I kept expecting him to say he broke off his engagement. That’s my favorite part too Stars Hollow is so quirky and great.

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