A Rant about BEA 

There’s been a lot of criticism towards Book Expo American recently and rightly so they changed there policy making it harder for bloggers and booktubeers to get in. Tckets are now 300$ that alone makes it impossible for a lot of people who can’t afford the 300$ plus costs of travel to NYC and food. They also made it so you have to have two job references a lot of bloggers are teenagers and college students and both of these things hinder them from going. I understand that you can’t let just anyone in to BEA there should be restrictions but it should be more assessable to bloggers.

I don’t think Publishers’s realize how important book bloggers and YouTubers are there so many books I’ve read because of the internet. It’s the reason I read three of my favorite series’s and it’s the reason I read so much because it keeps me excited about books. And they do this without getting paid sure there’s the occasional sponsored post but they don’t get paid much (if you want to know more about this you should watch this video from Emmmabooks). These people who passionately talk about books for free and influenced so many people to read more and buy certain books deserve to go to BEA. The publishing industry needs to appreciate these people more or it’s going to end up hurting the industry.

As someone who wants to work in publishing and is becoming increasingly aware of how hard it is to get into it this debacle frustrates me. I didn’t have any hope of going this year any way but now my hope of going eventually is almost nonexistent. I wish that they would have a panel at Yallfest about getting into publishing or something to help people learn more about the industry.


7 thoughts on “A Rant about BEA 

      1. Hmm. Well, I guess I could kind of see them raising the price without telling anyone (people seem to do that all the time now for things) but I feel like they should’ve explained the increase in requirements, especially since bloggers are probably a big part of their event. I would think they would be aware of how constricting these changes would be for them. They’re only hurting themselves.

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  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about this on Twitter, but I don’t understand this: how is BEA any different than other book events? Why are they making it impossible for bloggers to access? The price is ridiculously high, so what are they doing there that is “worth it”? :/


    1. From what I understand BEA has more about the publishing industry like the next big books coming out there’s a ton of Arcs given out every year. I think they have panels about the publication industry unlike most book events it’s not just signings.

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