2017 reading and blogging goals

I was originally going to post this on Wednesday but I’m really not good at scheduling posts, but anyway today I’m bringing you a post about my 2017 reading and blogging goals. 

  1. Read 35 books: I’m not going to have a lot of time to read I debated a lot on what to set my goal I wanted something that’s achievable and will hopefully motivate me to read more. I think 35 books is going to be that perfect goal for me but it would be nice if I ended up reading more than that.
  2. Read more diverse books: This has been a popular discussion lately and I know a lot of people have this same goal for the new year. My priority is reading more books about mental health. I’m aiming to read one book a month that’s about mental health. 
  3. Add some variety: This applies to both reading and blogging I don’t want to talk about the same books all the time. I want to read less popular books and I think this will benefit my blog. I don’t want to always be talking about the same books that are all over the bookternet. I want my blog to have a verity of posts I’m brainstorming for some creative ideas so hopefully I come up with some cool post ideas. 
  4. Try Historical Fiction I love period dramas but for some reason I haven’t read much historical fiction and I would like to change that. My favorite period drama is Downton Abby I love to read some books that take place around the same time.
  5. Get into comics: I’ve been saying this for forever but 2017 is going to be the year I finally get into comic books and graphic novels. There’s been so many female led comics recently so I feel like it’s the perfect time to start reading them.

Now I need your help I nead recommendations for books that fit my goals, I really need Historical recommendations I only have like three on my TBR. I also want you to tell me a book you love that deserves more hype. 


14 thoughts on “2017 reading and blogging goals

  1. I want to read more graphic novels too, but I’ll probably end up not doing it haha I’m terrible at keeping track of my goals!! I have no idea how many books should I try to read next year, this year I read around 65 and my goal was only 30, but I know that next year I’m going to be busier :/
    Good luck with your goals next year ❀


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