Variety in the book community

One of my 2017 reading goals is to read wider range of books, I want to read lesser known books try some different genres and like a lot of people I want to read more diversely. My goal is to mix things up and insure my blog features a variety of different and diverse books. One thing that inspired this is seeing certain books all the time mainly A Court of Mist and Fury it has been all over the internet since it’s release in May and I have gotten majorly spoiled.

I have seen so much acomaf that it now annoys me every time I see anything about it. It feels like the internet has read it for me it’s told me practically everything what’s the point in reading it anymore. I’ve had similar experiences with other books it has been better since I deleted my tumblr I’ve been spoiled a lot less. But I’ve never felt like I know everything about a book I haven’t read until acomaf.

When I see one book all over the internet it gets to the point were start avoiding it I even stop reading reviews for it because I’m just tired of seeing that book and I’m way less inclined to read it. It sometimes feels like the internet only talks about the same ten books. I have seen a few others saying similar things about popular books being daunting they have become scary ever since I started blogging, I get scared that I wont like it and be one of the only people who doesn’t.

I know popular things tend to be popular for a good reason I used to read hyped books almost exclusively but lately I haven’t had much luck with them and I find them to have a lot of tropes and aspects I don’t like or feel are overdone. Hyped books and me just need a break from each other I won’t be reading a lot of them this year some of them look to interesting to not read. I’m not going to completely stop reading bestsellers but I won’t be reading that many of them.

I like writing reviews better for underrated books or books that have been out a while I feel like there’s more to say I haven’t seen a dozen reviews already and I can hopefully introduce my followers to a new book. Variety just keeps things interesting it keeps things from becoming boring so I’m gong to seek out and promote unique and underrated books. I do actually follow a lot of bloggers who post about underrated books I’ve never heard of most of what I was talking about mainly applies to twitter and instagram. Although I have noticed that most of the big book blogs and booktubers only read popular books.


Does seeing a book everywhere bother you,or does it make you want to read it more? What do you think we can do to increase the verity in the community?



9 thoughts on “Variety in the book community

  1. Ooh, me, I’m one of those bloggers who reads books no one has ever heard of! Lol. The thing is, I think sometimes popular books are only popular… because they’re popular. If that makes any sense. Like, it just turns into a snowball effect. I do read a lot of books that fall more towards extremes, and so I understand they’re the kind that will never be wildly popular with the general public, but I have also read self-pub and indie pub books out there that are just as amazing as popular books but aren’t extreme, books that are very similar to the popular ones out there, and I guarantee the only reason they’re not popular is because of the stigma toward self-pub books and because a lot of people don’t want to read a book if it’s not already popular :-/

    But anyway, yeah, I sometimes do just get tired of a book before I even read it if I see it around too much. Then again, there have also been times when it took seeing a book on a million different blogs before it finally wore me down and I decided it actually sounded good and wanted to read it lol.

    I agree though, I love writing reviews for underrated books and actually introducing people to something new, especially when they end up liking it!

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    1. I think I get what you’re saying. I don’t really get why people only want to read popular books. The only reason I used to read so many of them was because they were mostly the only books I knew about. There have been some books I only read because everyone else was and I wanted in in the fun. But now I’m more aware of what books are out there and there’s so many underrated gems. I haven’t read any self published books I would like to change that I only know of a few though. Do you have any recommendations?


  2. I wish there was an option to block certain books on Goodreads. Take ACOTAR and ACOMAF for instance: I’m absolutely not a fan of that series, yet I have to see it every single time when I scroll through my Goodreads feed. I’m not at all interested in reading people’s status updates of those books, yet I have to suffer through them… So yes, seeing a book everywhere can bother me 😀

    Like you, I also want to read more lesser-known books because they are diverse. But I’ve noticed that those reviews receive fewer likes and comments. People still care more about those popular books, which is very unfortunate!

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    1. That’s a good idea they definitely need that feature I think Twitter needs a feature to block certain words as well. Yeah sadly they do tend to get less attention, I like clicking on reviews for books I haven’t seen before but I guess not everyone feels that way. If seems like a lot of people just read what’s popular, and those books aren’t usually diverse. There’s so many people including me who are wanting to read more diversely and that has been adding some verity to the community.

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