Book trends I love

Top five Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainy and hosted by Thoughts on Tomes you can find more information on the goodreads group.

I was planning on posting a review today but I don’t have one to post and I almost didn’t post anything at all but luckily I thought to look at the goodreads page for Top Five Wednesday and saw that this week topic is book trends you hate. I liked it but I decided to flip it to trends I love because I think all trends or tropes can be good if done right there is not any trends that I hate there is just books with them in it that I dislike. This was the first time in a while that I’ve waited  until the last minute to write a post I didn’t miss that however I did miss participating in T5W I’m happy to be doing it again.

birddivider2Enemies to lovers/ friends

This in one of my favorite tropes ever. A good example is Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice who doesn’t love those two? Their adorable and their relationship is done so well. My favorite enemies to friendship is Tourmaline and Virginia from Done Dirt Cheap it’s not out yet but you should add it to your TBR if you haven’t already, the friendship is my favorite part of the books the two girls are thrown together and don’t get along their very different it’s an amazing unlikely friendship .


multiple POVs have become popular that means there are lots of books about a group of people or a squad and I love it these books tend to have great characters and relationships having so many characters especially misfits who are thrown together and don’t get along is a blast to read about. I really want to read more books like this I’ve already read most of the popular ones and sadly can’t think of any on my TBR I need to find some more.


Retellings of any kind not just fairy tales are popular and I’m glad it’s cool to see classics getting retold most of the ones I’ve read are fiarytales surprisingly I have not read most of the more recent ones I’m really hoping to read more of them this year I have a ton on my TBR to choose from. There’s some obscure fairy tales that I would love to see get reamagined there staring to branch out more so maybe some of my favorites will get retold soon.

Lost Princesses

Or just Princesses and royalty in general this sorta goes along with my love of retelings since most of those have princesses in them, I know people are tired of the lost princess thing but I haven’t actually read that many books about it I have however seen it in good bit of movies and I just really like it. I find reading about royalty and the political intrigue that goes with to be very interesting I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these kinds of books.

Unlikable female characters

I posted a discussion about unlikable charterers a few weeks ago the reason why I’m currently only talking about female characters is they are labeled as unlikable more often then male characters because for some reason their still being judged differently. I probably have enough to say about it for a whole post so lets move on. Unlikable female characters have qualities that the cliche mean girl has only they get to have depth you get know why they are the way they are. I have only seen one character like this and she is one of my all time favorites.

birddivider2I want to know what trends are on your t5w list this week, link me to your post in the comments.

Do you agree with my choices? What are some of your favorite and least favorite book trends?


9 thoughts on “Book trends I love

  1. Yes to this whole post! I absolutely love books with royalty and political intrigue (and TV dramas lol). I also love a book with unlikable leads – a recent one I read is How To Break A Boy by Laurie Devore, I really loved it. And of course, I can never turn down a well done enemies to lovers trope. Great spin on this weeks T5W 🙂

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  2. I love this post, and we agree on a lot of these! Squads are SO great, I love when there is a great cast of characters in a book and that their relationships are well-thought of and built as we read on. I also like the ennemies to friends trope, it’s always so much fun to see the relationship develop in the story! 🙂


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