Stationary book tag

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Pencils: Favorite Children’s Book

The Little House on the Prairie books are the first that come to mind I must have reread those a dozen times. I’m not sure what age I was when I first read them maybe eleven.

Pens: A Basic Staple For Any Reader

This is a good but hard question I’m tempted to steal Marta’s answer, hmm Harry Potter actually works perfectly for this.  Everyone should read it and nearly everyone loves it, it’s a good staple that can be found on just about every bookworms shelf. I don’t know why it took me a whole five minutes to think of it.

Notebooks: Books You Own Multiple Copies Of

Ella Enchanted I hate the original cover I had so I bought a prettier one. There’s a lot of books I would love to have multiple editions of not necessarily editions in languages I can read.

Markers: Books With Beautiful Covers

The Firebird trilogy has amazing cover’s half the reason I read them is the stunning covers sadly there not nearly as spectacular as the covers the first one was a fun read however the second had a series case of sequel syndrome and I have yet to read the third. I want to read it but I doubt I’ll get to it anytime soon, there’s a lot of other books I’m more excited for.

Glue: Two Characters That Work Together Even If They Aren’t Together

Henri and Eadlyn their adorable! As a couple or as friends Henri is a cinnamon roll and I couldn’t help but root for him. It’s a little sad that the minority of the fandom ships them, I know they have a language barrier but people have made that work before.

Scissors: What Book Would You Like To Destroy

The Cursed Child it wasn’t terrible but I didn’t feel like a Harry Potter book. Why couldn’t we have a marauders book or given Albus and Scorpias a good story. Just about anything would have been better.

Art Kit: What Completed Series You Own

 Seraphina, Wither, Divergent, Little House on the Prairie, The Spiderwick Chronicles The Selection and Six of Crows. The last two series are signed and my favorite books on my shelf for that reason that and there amazing.
 This tag is pretty popular I’m not sure who has already done it so I’m not going to tag anyone but if you would like to this tag then consider yourself tagged or you can answer your favorite question in the comments.

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