Discussion: Romance in YA

If you’ve been following me for a while you most likely know that I’m not the biggest fan of romance, I mention this often today I’m going to discuss it in more detail. I used to be less critical of romance and found myself shiping the character a lot more often then I do now. My opinion towards romance changed rather abruptly for a while every romantic sub plot big or small annoyed me, now it’s usually just kinda there I don’t usually care much about it. The biggest reason for my distaste towards it is that I grew tired of it being in everything, it’s hard to find characters who get to be happy and single. 

Romance is kinda just expected to be in every YA book, it’s aggravating how it’s tied with the genre YA is known for being filled with unrealistic romance, love triangles and insta love are the norm. Often the romance is unnecessary, I have read a lot of books that would have been better without romance. Books where it’s thrown in and isn’t even important to the story or well done. I don’t know why so many authors feel the need to throw it in it doesn’t have to be in every YA book,it’s actually only in recent years that’s it’s become so common. 

Based on what I’ve read on the history of YA and lists I’ve looked for of romance free YA I’ve come to believe that that YA without romance didn’t become rare until about ten years, ago maybe less. A lot of the popular books that helped make YA into the phenomenon it is today didn’t have any romance or very little. Examples are, The Giver, Sabrial, Speak, The Book Thief and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. All published before 2008 and all frequently appear when I search for YA without romance, along with other older titles. I’m not sure when or why all the love triangles started popping up all the time, at least love triangles seem to be becoming less popular, thankfully. 

I have read a whole eight YA books with absolutely no romance and I’ve been actively looking for them for the last two year. I’m sure there’s more out there then I know exist, I wish they happened to be more popular because at least it would make them easier to find, finding them in difficult. Most of the romance free lists also have books with a little romance mixed in and that’s not what I want, plus there seems to be the same ten books on every list. I’ve also noticed that the books without romance tend to be on the younger side of YA and are very light reads. I guess most people start dating when their around sixteen but I’m eighteen and have never had a boyfriend so not everyone does. 

letschatWhat do you think, do you think there’s a reason it’s so common? 



7 thoughts on “Discussion: Romance in YA

  1. Hey! I totally see your point in how many problems could arise from having romance in a novel. Its popularity in YA is probably higher because of how young people begin dating. Like middle-school kids. (Which I find very odd since they are kids) Anyways if your looking for some great YA sans the romance you could try out Catherine Fisher’s work! Especially the Chronoptika quartet and the Incarceron series. They are really good and the romance in there is hardly visible amongst the action and mystery. ☺️

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  2. I definitely think that the prevalence of romance in YA is tied to the age range it’s intended for. The teen years are when everyone starts dating and getting crushes (real ones, not the elementary school versions), so it makes sense that our YA characters are doing so as well.

    I think it’s also just a societal norm too. When you turn on the radio, most songs are about love, whether it be falling in, falling out of, hooking up, what have you. It’s an important aspect of what society is used to when it comes to entertainment. I’d even make a guess that people don’t stop to think about it when they’re writing anymore, because it’s just so expected that they automatically include it.

    I’d love for some more books, any age range, without romance. I’m not a huge fan either, especially for all the over-the-top stuff they like to include in books,so it would be a nice change. But it seems like those sorts of books were more comment when I was actually YA-aged.

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    1. I think your right love is a central theme in every form of entertainment I just wish things could focus on platonic love more often. Dating and getting crushes are a big part of most teens lives but I wish it was portrayed more accurately then it would be less annoying.

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