Bookish aspirations

Today’s post is all about bookish aspirations it’s sort of a bucket list but it’s more of a mix of short and long term goals some are far fetched some are things I want to accomplish within a year, all are things I want to do or think would be very neat on the off chance that they happened. I really like doing this kinds of posts, I might one day do a library/ bookstore version of this.

Bookish goals

  • Be in the acknowledgements of a book: I’ve wanted this for a while, I always read the achievements and it would be amazing to see my name in one, one day. Now that I’m a blogger this is less of a long shot since you meet a lot of people through blogging including authors and aspiring authors. Plus I want to go into publishing and become one of the people who make a book possible.
  • Open a bookstore: I’ve been dreaming of this for a few years now it would be the coziest bookstore imaginable it would probably a new and used one. Despite how much I’ve thought about this I still have no idea what I would call it.
  • Attend a launch party: Launch parties always seem so fun I’m really hoping to accomplish this one this year, or at least go to a book tour, which is something I also haven’t done yet.
  • Own international editions of my favorite books: Usually I don’t care about owning multiple copies of a book especially if it’sin  a language I can’t read, but there’s a few books I want to own international editions of. Like: The German editions of The Selection and the Serbian and French editions of Sic of Crows
  •  Interview a author: Author interviews are so fun to watch or read and would be see cool to actually be the one conducting the interview.
  • Start a bookish meme/original feature: I really want to do this by the end of the year, but I have to actually come up with an idea first.
  • Host a reading challenge or blog event: I have a few ideas for this but I’m too nervous that no one would be interested so I haven’t done it, yet I think I will eventually.
  • Attend a book blogging/ publishing conference: I always love reading posts and watching videos about these events they sound so fun! But most of these are on New York or somewhere else that’s far away so I don’t know if this is ever going to happen but it would certainly be amazing.

lets-chat2Whats on your bookish bucket list? Is there a certain book event you want to go to? Or an author you really want to meet?


6 thoughts on “Bookish aspirations

  1. Those are soooo good! I especially love the library & the international editions. Hosting a blog event sounds stressing, but exciting at the same time! You can totally interview an author – just search for their social media and/or email. I know it’s not the same time as being with them as you interview them (that’d be awesome!), but it’s still a lovely chat.
    Good luck with your goals! 😀

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    1. Thanks! I’m actually planning on contacting an author about it I’ve just been busy. Hosting a blog event does sound exciting! It will just have to wait until my life becomes less busy and less stressful. 😅❤️

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