How and why contemporary YA has become my favorite genre

I used to say that YA fantasy was my favorite genre but I recently realized that I now love YA contemporary’s just as much as YA fantasy I used to read primary fantasy and even now that I read a wider rang of genres its still half of what I read, when I first started reading fantasy books are what was primary available to me. Fantasy and dysopian were the two most popular genres when I got into reading and didn’t know what books existed outside off what my sister was reading and what was becoming a movie. Even when I started to learn about all the books out there and knew off a lot of contemporary books I still didn’t read them mostly because I thought they were all supper sappy or sad or at least all the ones I knew of seemed to be one of those things. The first contemporary that I read was Fangirl I loved it and it’s still one of my favorite books even though I loved Fangirl it was a while before I actively read books in the genre. 

When I finally did start reading more contemporary I mostly stuck to the fluffy books but I did read some books on the other side of the genre and I learned  how hopeful, beautiful and most importantly necessary stories that deal with serious topics can be. There are contemporary that are are very sad and sometimes even hard to read but there often necessary, still I do tend to ovoid them and am drawn towards lighter more hopeful books. Now I’ve found books that have a balance between addressing important topics and cute romance, friendship and shenanigans. This year I’ve been reading and loving so many contemporary specifically ones that have that balance between light and dark. A lot of them have been about grief, mental illness and other heavy topics but they still manage to be hopeful, adorable and even funny.

I think the reason contemporary has become my favorite genre is because despite being set in the real world there usually more of an escape then fantasy books are. Fantasy books are bloody and can often have dense writing this is why I read light fantasies as in fairytales, urban fantasy and things that don’t have complicated world building and magic systems, and different creatures. When something sad happens to me or something tragic happens in the world the books I go to to escape into are ones that have cute and funny moments and don’t have something tragic happening in them. Fantasy novel often have a lot off war and gloom and just aren’t what I want to read when I’m sad. The books that are an escape from the real world are about people in situations that would never happen to me like going to school in Paris, going to nerdy conventions, and having your love letters get sent out.

What I love most about contemporary YA is the characters fantasy books tend to be more plot driven while contemporary’s are usually character driven and focus more on the characters relationships and development. Good characters and good writing are the most important things in a book to me, I can overlook a mediocre plot if I love the charterers enough and its well written. Contemporary’s are filled with lovable characters and well developed relationships those are what I expect from the genre and why it’s tied with fantasy as my favorite genre, both genre’s are great and even though I still read more fantasy books I love them both equally.

4 thoughts on “How and why contemporary YA has become my favorite genre

  1. Apart from a few exceptions, when I read a YA Contemporary, I tend to move towards those books dealing with social and hard hitting issues. I do like some fluffy contemporaries but as a whole the romance-as-the-primary-plot is becoming tiresome for me and I’ve not really liked them recently. When I read a hard-hitting contemporary however, I know that it is going to stay with me and that I’ll take something away from it.

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    1. I totally know what you mean I don’t like anything that’s solely romance. There are some fluffy books that more going for them then romance like Anna and the French kiss has great friendships and is just as much about her falling in love with Paris as it is her falling in love. However it’s still not thought provoking or anything. It’s always a great feeling when a book stays with you long after you’ve turned the last page and that does happen most often with hard hitting books.

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      1. Ha! Anna and the French Kiss is one of those books that is an exception to my Contemporary rule. I love that book so much!! Sometimes I do need a book like that though when I want a break from those that are thought provoking.

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