Let’s chat about where I’ve been, blogging slumps, and how to get out of them

I think all bloggers can agree that blogging slumps are awful, I mentioned in my April wrap up that I was in a one and I’m happy to say I that after two months I’m finally out of it! I have been for almost two weeks you might be wondering why I’ve haven’t really been around. There’s a couple of reasons, this post is mostly going to be an update telling you those reading, I’ll also be sharing some tips on how to get out of a blogging slump.

First I’ll tell you what’s been going on, I haven’t been around because while I love blogging I needed a break from it. I really needed to sort some things and just needed time to focus on some of the things happening in my life. Taking a brake gave me more time to read and for the first time in a year I spent more time reading then I did talking about books. That’s part of why I haven’t really been around for the last to weeks I was busy. It was nice to have more reading time but I really missed interacting with you guys, I’m happy to be back and excited about all the posts I have planned I’m more excited about blogging then I have been in months. I have been writing and scheduling a lot of posts, and I’m really excited for you to read them.

Now it’s time to move on to the hopefully helpful tips on dealing with the dreaded blogging slump. I’ve never done any kind of advice post so I’m a little nervous about posting this.

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1. Look for inspiration: My first tip is my advice to anyone whose running low on blogging inspiration.  Try asking someone for ideas or read other blogs. I often find inspiration by reading my favorite blogs another idea is to go to the bookstore! Often just being surrounded by books makes me think of things to say about them. This is also good advice for anyone in a reading slump often being in a bookstore or library reminds me of how amazing books are and can help you to discover a great new book.

2. Force yourself through it: A lot of time when I’m struggling with writing a post or thinking of an idea it helps to write an easy post like a wrap up, weakly feature, whatever you consider to be easy or quick to write. Writing something that doesn’t require me to think up an idea often gives me the motivation to write something that does.

3. Take a break: Take a step back from blogging and hopefully in time you’ll find motivation and excitement to come back to your blog.  I’ve found that blogging slumps can be tied to reading slumps so maybe try focusing on getting out of that and you’ll get out of your blogging slump as well. Last year I didn’t read much there where months when I only read two books and since reading gives us our ideas it my blog suffered for it.

Untitled design (4) Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have any tips, I want to know how do you deal with blogging slumps?



Bookstagram struggles

I haven’t had any motivation to blog and this is the first post I’ve written in a week however I have had a lot of motivation to post on instagram. I finally became serous about it and that’s what inspired today’s post which is about the struggles of bookstagram. I created my account in August and I still only have 71 followers but I wasn’t posting frequently now that I am I’m gaining followers. It’s still slow though, I know that followers aren’t all that matters but it’s still annoying for my account to grow so very slowly.

Even though I absolutely love taking bookish photos looking at and commenting on other people’s photos, there’s a lot of annoying things about instagram. These are what initially kept me from enjoying bookstagram and still continue to annoy me. Although the good does definitely out way the bad I would have deleted my account if it didn’t. 

The struggles of bookstagam

  • Instagrams incredibly stupid algorithm: This is probably the most frustrating thing and I know that a lot of other people rightfully complain about it too. If you don’t know instagram changed its algorithm so that now instead of seeing the most recent posts it shows you what they think you’ll like best. This makes me miss so many posts and makes it harder for people to see mine, I really wish they would change it back. 
  • The elusive theme: A theme is something that ties all of your photos together at first I didn’t want to restrict myself to a theme and then I tried a rustic theme that was limiting. Now after months I’ve finally found a theme I like and have realized that having a theme does matter. If you have one you will gain more followers and your feed will look more aesthetically pleasing. It just took awhile to find a theme that was pretty but wouldn’t limited the kinds of photos I could take. 
  • Annoying people: Some accounts only care about followers I obviously care about that too but I mainly want to have fun. Everyday at least two people follow me only to almost immediately unfollow, and at least once a week someone likes all of my photos but doesn’t follow. I appreciate the likes but if you like that many of my photos then just follow me. I don’t even get that excited when someone follows me anymore because I just think how long will this last.
  • I don’t own many books: I own a decent collection but I don’t  own enough to post everyday without running out of books to take photos of. I decided I’m going to post five times a week and even with doing that I’m worried about running out of ideas. I’m going to try to take photos of e-books there mostly what I read, there just harder to take photos of and not as pretty. 

lets-chat3Are there any bookstagram related struggles that frustrated you that I didn’t mention? Tell me in the comments and share a ink to your bookstagram so I can check out your account. Click here if you wold like to go to my account and if you have any tips for how I can improve my photos then please share.