My five favorite book adaptatoins

Most of the time I’m disappointed with book adaptations, us bookdragons are frequently saying the phrase the book was better I even have a shirt that says this. They often cut out are favorite scenes and sometimes the director doesn’t even bother to read the book, but occasionally they are amazing.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay part one and two

All of The Hunger Games movies did a great job of staying true to the book and I think the movies kept getting better and the last two movies are the best there amazing.

If I Stay

This might be the most accurate book to movie adaptation ever, I can think of almost no moments from the book that weren’t in the movie. I enjoyed the book but I didn’t love it and I think it made a better movie also Cholie Grace Moretz was wonderful in it.


The Mortal Instruments movie was  awful, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the books either I enjoyed them, I loved the characters but there was a lot of things I had problems with. The show however is fantastic and all the changes they’ve made so far have actually fixed some of my problems with the story.

Harry Potter

I don’t love the HP books nearly as much as most people I didn’t even read them until last year. I do hovever love the movies,I like the first three the best. I think the later movies could have been a lot better if they’d stuck more closely to the books.

The Host

I watched the movie before I read the book and I loved it, when I rewached it after I read the book I did notice a few things that were not like the book and that could have been better but for the most part it’s a great adaptation.

Do you agree with me? Tell me in the comments what your favorite book adaptations are.

YA adaptatoins that should exist 


so many YA books are getting turned into movies and shows lately but some of my favorites haven’t yet been adapted.  All the YA books that have been adapted lately are ether dystopian or sad contemporary’s I want to see a wider range of YA  adaptations there so many cute YA books that would make great chick flicks and there’s some YA fantasy with epic battles that would look amazing on screen. Here is a list of some YA books that I think would make amazing adaptations if done right.

1.  Anna and the French Kiss

All of Stephanie Perkins’s books would make adorable movies.

2. An Ember in the Ashes

This would be amazing as long as they didn’t white wash it.

3. Eleanor and Park

A Fangirl movie would also be splendid.

4. Throne of Glass

This has been optioned for a TV show but I don’t know yet if it will actually happen.

5. The Heroes of Olympus

This series would make a really fun animated TV show.

6. The Raven Cycle

I really want this to be a Netflix original series it would be perfect.

What YA books do you think should be turned into movies or shows?