Review Policy

All my reviews are completely honest and spoiler free. My preferred format is physical copies but ebooks are also welcome, I prefer getting ebooks through NetGalley.

Please include in your request a link to the books goodreads page, and a synopsis.

Please note that I very rarely read adult or new adult books, you’ll have a better chance of me accepting if your books is a YA, middle grade, or comic book.

My favorite genres are:

  • Fantasy
  • Magical Realism
  • Contemporary
  • Historical fiction
  • Superheroes

I don’t accept requests for horror, erotica or none fiction books.

I no longer use a rating system. I feel like my thoughts about the books are clear enough that it makes rating it needless. I do still rate books on Goodreads.

Inquiries about cover reveals, interviews, guest posts and anything relevant to my blog are also extremely welcome. You can contact me at