My dream author panel

Today I’m bringing you a very fun post I was recently inspired by Eventbrite (the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events) their doing a project that encourages people to share who would be on their dream bookish panel. I’ve never actually been to any kind of bookish pane, or any kind of panel, but they definitely look like a lot of fun the two I thought up would be amazing if they ever became reality.
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All hings geek (1)
  • Renee Ahdieh (author of The Wrath and The Dawn and The Flame in the Mist)
  • Leigh Bardugo (author of Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows)
  • Kiera Cass (author of The Selection and The Siren)
  • Roshani Chokshi (author of The Star-Touched Queen)
My list of favorite female characters is very long but these four ladies have written multiple fierce female characters who are some of my absolute favorites and they all have female friendships in their books! Something that is way too rare in YA I also foud their characters to all be different then your average YA heroine which makes me like them more. I would love to ask them all sorts of questions about the importance of girls supporting girls and what their definition Girl power is and of course what they think makes a strong female character strong. And discuss the need to call good female characters strong, really just every female character, but not good make characters, I personally think the word is becoming overused.
All hings geek
  • Rainbow Rowell (author of Eleanor and Park and Fangirl)
  • Ashley Poston (author of Geekerella)
  • Gen Wilde (author of Queens of Geek)
I love books about nerdy characters and fandoms there so delightful so of course I would love a panel about these kinds of books with the three queens of geeky books. In all three of their books there’s a fictional fandom the charterers are a part of I would like to know what inspired each of these fandoms and also ask them Geek related questions like what their favorite fandoms are.I would have to ask Ashley Poston if there’s even a possibility of a Starfield book, I really hope there is! I fell in love with Starfield (the fictional fandom in Geekerella) and think it would be amazing as a book.
If you are interested in hosting your own local conference, check out Eventbrite’s conference management software!
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 Would you go to either of my dream panels? Who would be on your dream author panel? Tell me in the comments or make your own post about it!

Tag: What cat’s do

I can’t remember where I saw this tag and I don’t know who created it, I’ve had it written down for a while I knew I had to do it since, as I’m sure you know by now I love cat’s and have two of them. You should follow my bookstagram where I frequently post photos of the two cuties. Well mostly just one of them because he really likes crashing my photo shoots and eating my props my other cat just stares at me and judges. Okay enough talking about my cats on to the questions and photos of my cat’s that I obviously had to include. thequestions

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset1. Purr – As cats do this when they’re happy or relaxed, what is the book that makes you happiest or relaxed?

I’ve actually read a lot of light happy books recently my favorite being Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World you can read my full review here. The book and the comics are the most fun things I’ve ever read Squirrel Girl is one of the best superheroes.

2. Sleep – What is a book that put you to sleep or was just boring?

The Falconer it was so dull nothing about it really stood out it took me forever to read because it was boring. I even stopped reading in the middle of a fight scene and didn’t pick it up again for weeks.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset3. Twitch While Dreaming – Have you ever dreamt of a book you read?

Yes but I can’t actually remember what the book was one time, I dreamed that I was underground and part of some sort of rebellion. I know it had something to do with the book I was reading but all I remember about it is that is was dystopien, I’m not even sure I finished the book.

4. Seems to Play Nice…Until the Claws are Out – Which book had the biggest plot twist?

Usually I predict the plot twists when you read a lot it becames easier and easier to guess what’s going to happen next. The book that suprised me was Empire of Storms that ending was intense sadly it didn’t make me as emotional as I expected it too.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset5. Cuddles – Which book character would you give a hug to?

All the characters from An Ember in the Ashes those characters go through a lot, I still haven’t finished the sequel (it’s kinda slow) but from I’ve read the poor characters can’t catch a break.

6. Catnip – What’s a book that made you have warm and fuzzy feels?

Geekerella it’s adorable! Nerdy and a fun take on the classic tale, it sticks closely to the original tale while still adding a new twist. I have a full review here if you want to see my  full thoughts on it.

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7. Cat Breeds – What are your favourite books?

 Crooked Kingdom, The Heir and Fangirl and so many more those are just the first few that came to mind. 

8. The Vet’s Office – Your least favourite book:

Definitely Zell it’s immensely problematic, the romance is just plain creepy, and I didn’t understand or appreciate the symbolism. It’s the only book I’ve ever given one star to.

9. Being in Places They Shouldn’t – Least favourite cliche:

Any sexist ones like the mean girl trope, not like other girls etc. you probably thought I was going to say insta love because I’m always complaining about unrealistic romance, that does annoy me a lot. But sadly I just expect to not like the romance I don’t let it influence my rating to much anymore. When something has a problematic trope like the ones above it annoys me more then any unrealistic romance ever will.

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10. Final Question: The Good Old Cardboard Box – Most underrated book series:

The Cirque America books by Gwenda Bond there so fun and well written all of her books that I’ve read have be witty and a delight to read. 

The blogger aesthetic award 

No one nominated me but I have been seeing this around and I just really wanted to do it because I love making aesthetics and I wanted to do something a little different, fun and not entirely book related.The Rules

  • Collect any number of images that you feel represent you as a person—your personality, aspirations, favorite things, anything at all that makes you you.
  • Put your chosen images together into a collage of whatever size and shape you find pleasing.
  • Share your masterpiece with everyone, in all the places.
  • Maybe nominate other bloggers as a way to tell them, “Hey, you, I think you’re awesome, and we should celebrate that awesomeness.”
  •  Share these rules (and maybe the below tips, if you’re feeling helpful).


  • Find inspiration by spending (minimum) three hours scrolling through aesthetic Tumblr posts relevant to you.
  • Two great places to hunt for pictures are Pinterest and WeHeartIt. Pinterest requires an account; WeHeartIt does not.
  • PicMonkey’s collage editor is free to use and doesn’t require an account, heck yes. YouTube has plenty of tutorials on how to use it; I watched this one (which begins with tips on how to find decent photos).



All photos taken from pinterest 

About the photos

  • Flowers and castle: This one isn’t for any person significance it’s just because it’s lovely. It looks like something from a fairytale and anything fairytale like is my kind of thing.
  • Cat: I couldn’t find a photo of my kitty that looked good with the others so I find this one instead it fits since both of my cats are grey.
  • Feminist pin: This is self explanatory, I’m a feminist and I love cats.
  • Qoute #1: If you can’t tell it says “When the world owed you nothing you demanded something of it anyway” this is from my favorite book Crooked Kingdom. And it’s one of my favorite quotes ever, or quite possibly my favorite, it’s hard to choose.
  • Quote #2: “I think I am finally clean“A lyric from one of my favorite songs Clean by Taylor Swift that has a lot of significance to me.
  • Book and coffee: Obviously I love books and I also like pretty flowers and very sweet coffee
  • Disney: I’m a huge Disney nerd in fact I just got home fromseeing Beauty and the Beast, (it was magical) and I just thought this was a cute picture.
  • Scotland: There’s so, so many places I want to see Scotland is towards the top of my list.

dividerI’m not going to nominate anyone specificaly since it’s late and I’m tired but I want to nominate anyone who wants to do this fun, time consuming award.

Stationary book tag

Thanks for tagging me Marta @Thebookmermaid (sorry it took me so long to get to it) go cheek out her answers and her blog it’s one of my favorites.the-rules

  • Thank the creator: Sam @ RiverMooseReads, Thank you!
  • Answer the questions.
  • Add pictures! (If you want to)
  • Tag (about) 5 people.the-questions

Pencils: Favorite Children’s Book

The Little House on the Prairie books are the first that come to mind I must have reread those a dozen times. I’m not sure what age I was when I first read them maybe eleven.

Pens: A Basic Staple For Any Reader

This is a good but hard question I’m tempted to steal Marta’s answer, hmm Harry Potter actually works perfectly for this.  Everyone should read it and nearly everyone loves it, it’s a good staple that can be found on just about every bookworms shelf. I don’t know why it took me a whole five minutes to think of it.

Notebooks: Books You Own Multiple Copies Of

Ella Enchanted I hate the original cover I had so I bought a prettier one. There’s a lot of books I would love to have multiple editions of not necessarily editions in languages I can read.

Markers: Books With Beautiful Covers

The Firebird trilogy has amazing cover’s half the reason I read them is the stunning covers sadly there not nearly as spectacular as the covers the first one was a fun read however the second had a series case of sequel syndrome and I have yet to read the third. I want to read it but I doubt I’ll get to it anytime soon, there’s a lot of other books I’m more excited for.

Glue: Two Characters That Work Together Even If They Aren’t Together

Henri and Eadlyn their adorable! As a couple or as friends Henri is a cinnamon roll and I couldn’t help but root for him. It’s a little sad that the minority of the fandom ships them, I know they have a language barrier but people have made that work before.

Scissors: What Book Would You Like To Destroy

The Cursed Child it wasn’t terrible but I didn’t feel like a Harry Potter book. Why couldn’t we have a marauders book or given Albus and Scorpias a good story. Just about anything would have been better.

Art Kit: What Completed Series You Own

 Seraphina, Wither, Divergent, Little House on the Prairie, The Spiderwick Chronicles The Selection and Six of Crows. The last two series are signed and my favorite books on my shelf for that reason that and there amazing.
 This tag is pretty popular I’m not sure who has already done it so I’m not going to tag anyone but if you would like to this tag then consider yourself tagged or you can answer your favorite question in the comments.

The who am I tag

I had seen this unique tag going around and was so happy to be tagged by Shoto @Bookbabbles. I haven’t done a tag in a while and I love taking random quizzes so this should e fun!thequestions


What is the meaning of my name?

I had to go look it up this is what I found,

An English name derived from the Old German for “whole” or “universal,” popular since the 19th century. Well-known Emmas: the title character in Jane Austen’s Emma; actresses Emma Thompson, Emma Stone, and Emma Watson

Apparently my name isn’t very meaningful but there are three very talented and cool celebrities that share my name as well as one of my favorite characters.

 What is my Myer-Briggs personality type? (Link)

Mediator Personality (INFP, -A/-T)

Mediator personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

I had taken this a while ago and completely forgotten my results, they are SO interesting it says that fantasy worlds fascinate us more then any other personality type fantasy is my favorite genre and I am always dreaming of fictional worlds it also said Sybil my favorite character from Downton Abby is a Mediator I think that’s so cool. A lot of it was very accurate.

What is my Zodiac Sign?


  • Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
  • Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
  • Aquarius likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation, a good listener
  • Aquarius dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them

I don’t believe in horoscopes however sometimes they can be fun but they don’t tend to be that accurate.

What is my Hogwarts House? (Link)

I’m a Hufflepuff i got that on Potter More but I knew it before I have never been unsure about my Hogwarts house, this is what I got in this test.

Hufflepuff – 15
Gryffindor – 11
Ravenclaw – 11
Slytherin – 7

What are my learning styles? [LINK]

  • Visual 4
  • Aural 6
  • Read/Write 5
  • Kinesthetic 7

I wasn’t expecting such a wide rang of methods then again I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never really thought or been sure of my learning style.

Am I Right or Left Brain Dominant? (Link)

I use my brain equally or almost.. . I’m 47% left brain 53% right so I’m  just more creative then logical.

 What Career Am I Meant To Have? (Link)

I got writer I plan to go into publishing and hopefully one day open a book store I doubt those are options so at least it’s also book related.

Which Divergent Faction Do I Belong In? (Link)

I belong in Erudite I don’t really like the faction quizzes I always get a different answer every time, and of the factions would be bad to be in so it’s just not as fun as some of the other bookish or movie world related tests.

What Does My Birth Order Say About Me? (Link)

I’m a middle child the third of of four kids it says middle children are experts at negotiation and compromise from my experience I do compromise a lot and it seems to me like middle children are more go with the flow type people.

I tag:

Only tagging three people because I’m not sure whose already done this if you would like to do this tag considered yourself tagged.

Clean list of questions

  1. What is the meaning of my name?
  2.  What is my Myer-Briggs personality type? (Link)
  3. What is my Zodiac Sign?
  4. What is my Hogwarts House? (Link)
  5. Am I Right or Left Brain Dominant? (Link) 
  6.  What is my Blood Type?
  7.  What Career Am I Meant To Have? (Link)
  8. Which Divergent Faction Do I Belong In? (Link)
  9. What Does My Birth Order Say About Me? (Link)


The Jingle Bell Tag

It’s almost Christmas! 🎄✨


I found this festive tag on one of my favorite blogs The Sassy Book Geek I wasn’t tagged I just wanted to do a fun Christmas related tag. This tag was created by  Richard @ The Humpo Show

“All I Want For Christmas Is You…” | What book do you want to see under the Christmas Tree?

I have a lot on my list my list is practically all books I really want some comic books the two I want most are Spidder Gwen and Ms Marvel. I would be happy with almost any female superhero comic book. I also would love special editions if any of Jane Austen’s novels there’s so many pretty ones you can’t go wrong with any of them.

“Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time…” | What book that you have read this year have you enjoyed the most?

Definitely Crooked Kingdom but I’ve already raved about that a lot. So instead let me talk about my favorite book from a new to me author which is The Wrath and The Dawn the writing is so beautiful and detailed. Renee Ahdieh is definitely one of my auto buy authors I’m so excited to read The Rose and the Dagger and for her next book The Flame in The Mist.

“It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” | Which book has most festive look to it?

I don’t own any books that look festive The One reminds me of Christmas but only because that’s when I read it by the way that was a bad idea something really sad happens in it at that takes place during Christmas and it made my cry on Christmas. The most festive looking book is the British edition of My True Love Gave to Me I like it a lot better then the US edition I like that it doesn’t have a dust jacket.

Elf | What book unleashes your inner child?

Hmm this one is actually really hard to answer. A book that makes me feel nostalgic is Pegasus by Robin McKinley I read it in middle school it’s really special to me and I used to reread it all the time. It makes me think of being twelve the age I was when I first read it and the age of the protagonist.

The Grinch | Your favourite villain…

Sadly I haven’t actually read that many really good villains all my favorites are from movies except Voldemort but everyone always names him or Umbridge who is the scariest villain but not my favorite. The first villain that always comes to mind is Darth Vader, I love Star Wars and he’s a classic and great villain.

The Holiday | Name your favourite TWO couples…

Paul and Margaret from the Firbird trilogy those books are some of the most romantic ones I’ve ever read and I’m super picky about romance. And Barry and Iris from The Flash TV show because I haven’t read the comics I have seen some people say they don’t have chemistry but I think their adorable. I don’t actually have a lot of OTPs there are couples I enjoy reading about but I not a lot that give me all the feels, I tend to like friendships better then romance.

What book would you like to give as a present to your followers?

This is tricky not everyone is going to like the same things. I’m going with A Tyranny of Petticoats because it’s a good book that deserves some more resignation and it’s a anthology so you’re bound to like at least one of the story’s.  Also even though all the stories are Historical some of them have paranormal and fantastical elements so I think it even appeals to people who don’t like Historical fiction.

I tag anyone who wants to do this. 

The this or that tag

Thank you Silvia Reads Books for tagging me!

  • Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose one of the options, you don’t have to tell the reasons why you chose that but you can also do them if you want to.
  • Tag (10) other people to do this tag to spread the love

Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Both, but usually my bed because there almost always someone on the TV.

Male main character or female main character?

Female a big reason I got into reading is all the strong female protagonists in YA of course there are plenty of good books with male main characters but most of my favorite books have a female main character.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

I don’t usually eat while reading but I’ll go with sweet snacks.

Trilogies or quartets?

I don’t have a preference it really depends on the series, but I’ll go with trilogies simply because there is more of them.

First person point of view or third person point of view?

Both I can’t choose I think there both good but I think I’ll go with first person even if it seems I read fewer of them lately I still like it but it was hard to choose.

Reading at night or in the morning?

It used to be night but know I like to wake up early when it’s quiet and I can get a few hours of uninterrupted reading.

Libraries or bookstores?

These questions are hard! I love the library because the books are free, but I love the bookstore because I like looking at the new releases and I’m usaly only there if I’m buying a book and I obviously love getting new books. I’m going with the library because we all need to support our libraries.

Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

Cry but all my most favorite books make me laugh and cry.

Black book covers or white book covers?

I love both but I think I like white covers a little better then black.

Character driven or plot driven stories?

Character driven, if I don’t like the characters then I won’t like the book.

I tag whoever wants to this.

The zombie apocalypse tag

I was tagged by Thebookmermaid Thank you Matra for tagging me!

The rules
  • Choose 5 books!
  • Randomly set up your books in order.
  • Flip to a random page in the book and write the first two names you see.
  •  Put the names in the categories listed below in the order you saw them!
  • Cry at how screwed you

In order to make sure the books were random I had my little brother choose them for me.

The books and characters
  • Arin and Kestrel from The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Ruskoski
  • Jesper and Inej from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • Lucy and Smallivillguy aka Clark Kent from Lois Lane Falout by Gwenda Bond
  • Aedion and Celaena from Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Mass
  • Princess Gissalda and Lucian Kiggs from Seraphina by Ratchel Hartmen

The First Person to Die

  • Arin

Well this is a awful start Arin is smart and would have been super helpful.

The Person You Trip to Escape

  • Kestrel

I would never do this to Kestrel she’s too smart and valuable.

The Person that Trips You to Escape

  • Jesper

This actually does sound like something Jesper would do.

The Team Idiot

  • Inej

This role doesn’t suite her, Inej is actually really clever.

The Brains of the Group

  • Lucy Lane

Lucy is like twelve in Falout why couldn’t I have got Lois she would have been more useful.

The Team Medic

  • SmallvilleGuy

I don’t know how skilled of a medic he is and he might not be superman yet but he still has his powers so hopefully he could save people before they even get hurt

Weapon Expert

  • Aedion

Aedion is a warrior so he’d be agreat weapons  expert although it would have been better if Jesper who is actually a weapons expert had been chosen for this.

Team Brawler

  • Celeana

This is actually a perfect role for Celeana, condensing shes a deadly assassin

First to turn into a Zombie

  • Princess Gilsselda

I love Gilsselda but sadly I could see this happening.

Team Leader

  • Lucian Kiggs

He’s the captain of the guard so he would be a great leader. maybe I won’t die after all

This team isn’t as bad as I was expecting I think with Lucian as the leader and Aedion and superman on my team there’s hope of me surviving the apocalypse. I think almost everyone has already done this but if you haven’t consider yourself tagged and have fun dealing with the zombies!